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Client Base

During our time of work, the company has formed a steady client base, which serves as the foundation of our survival and development. It is comprised of large and medium-sized enterprises of various industry sectors and has an annual sales volume of 300 million rubles and up. Differences between industry sectors notwithstanding, they are similar in their approaches to business conduct. All of them are completely transparent, have qualified management and development plans, at least for a medium-term perspective. Property owners and managers see productive directions for investment, look for and find opportunities for financing projects and their startups, and follow through until a commercial effect is produced.

In the last five years, MOBIUS LTD. has been called upon as an external investment consultant for projects with an overall financing volume of over 6.5 million rubles. A large part of direct investment in projects was brought in from outside of Russia. The structure of investment deposits by investor countries is presented in the diagram below.

Diagram №1


The industry classification of client companies is also widely represented. Primarily, these are timber- and mining-sector enterprises, which realize projects on the territory of the Northwestern Federal District. Besides that, our clients include enterprises from the fuel and energy sector, food industry, electric and electronics industries, and tourism and recreation industries. The industry classification business structure of client companies is presented in the diagram.

Diagram №2