Efficiency of the action is seen by the result


185011, Russia, Petrozavodsk,
Lizdgnaja str.,2B, office 415

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Director: Dunaev Vladimir



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Vision of the Future

In the long-term perspective, we see ourselves in the top ten companies of the Russian consulting market in our niche – investment support for business.


The search for and realization of new opportunities for the development of client-company business


Independence and Freedom of Choice

The fundamental institutions of the market economy that are being created in Russia today are the basic foundation and environment for economic freedom of market subjects. Our company is absolutely independent in our actions. This means, first and foremost, the freedom to choose the direction of business development for progressive translational movement in accordance with intra-company plans; the freedom of choice in making deals with clients and partners; and the freedom to defend one's business interests.

Transparency of Information

We are open for honest professional cooperation. The availability of complete and credible information affects the choice of the model laid in the foundation of the preparation for adjusted administrative decisions. This is why, in the production-stage advising for possible collaboration alternatives, we give our clients and partners exhaustive information about ourselves and our capabilities, without dressing up or hiding anything.

Constant Striving for Reinvention

We are constantly looking for new approaches and new opportunities, analyzing new ideas and preparing productive decisions – both inside the company and during contract work with the client. The accumulated knowledge, skill, and proficiency possessed by each worker is the most important factor in the company's economic growth.

Responsibility in Business Conduct

We take full responsibility for what we do. This includes the requirements of the legislature and regulatory government bodies, requirements for maintaining contractual discipline in relations with clients and social responsibility in relations with company employees.