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Dear ladies and gentlemen! I welcome you to our website.

Director«MOBIUS LTD.» is an external consulting firm and provides services on the B2B market to domestic companies and foreign corporate clients who make investment deposits on the Russian territory. The specialty of the company is investment-finance consulting.

Consulting is a fairly young field of the Russian service sector. It is possible to bring the vast majority of the services provided to the client company under the definition of the market share encompassed by consulting.

The Russian consulting market is developing quickly and dynamically. According to the research conducted by «Expert» magazine, in the time period from 2000 to 2008 the services sales volume rose from 2 to 58 billion rubles, recording an annual growth rate of 55-65%. Although presently it has slightly slowed due to the financial crisis, the market potential is enormous. There is a long way to go until a complete saturation of the given segment is reached. The service capacity of consultants in the European Union totals over 35 billion euros. Nearing this sales volume in comparable units (taking into account adjustments for the number of compared regions) with an average annual growth rate of 30% will happen no sooner than in 8 years. At the same time, European colleagues report an annual growth dynamic of 10-15%. These numbers testify that domestic consulting is only in its beginning stages of development.

A company's ability to change quickly in a rapidly developing market environment is one of the most important conditions of successful business development. The slowing and especially a halt bode for an inevitable lag behind competitors. To remain afloat, a company must constantly evolve, restructure itself, and implement new technologies, which demands significant effort, knowledge, and skill. According to scientist David Tis, the manager of LEGG – a company in the field of economic-legal consulting – it is precisely knowledge and skills that are the main sources of competitive advantage in our time.

The resolution of serious non-standard problems falls completely on the shoulders of the managerial personnel and company specialists. It is essential to prepare the groundwork for their realization, develop a plan, calculate the risks and compile a share of expenses. All of this takes time. That said, the qualification level of company management for making measured administrative decisions can be simply insufficient. As a result, lack of certain skills and knowledge or their inadequate amount slows the implementation of essential progressive transformations.

The principles of our collaboration with the client rely on integrity, decency, and a combined efficiency and our joint efforts during the fulfillment of orders are aimed at the achievement of a wholly concrete tangible result. As a rule, it is «materialized» in the form of profit increases, expense cuts, or risk reductions in the project. Therefore, we believe that, above all, it is essential to have a correct formulation of the problem, information analysis, and consideration of all aspects when evaluating the forecasts for achieving the result. Only after a study of the whole basic data spectrum, which pertains to solving the problem, is it necessary to evaluate the chances and, if they are high enough, it is possible to start implementing the task.

I hope that the information presented on the company website will be helpful to you, and you will be glad to have decided in favor of the services of MOBIUS LTD.


Director of MOBIUS LTD. V.S. Dunayev.